ZipZyme™ Products

ZipZyme™ Paste

  ZipZyme™ Omega is for all companion animals.
   ZipZyme™ Omega is a ground-breaking and innovative DHA omega-3 fresh food supplement.
  ZipZyme™ Omega is the safer alternative to every extracted omega-3 oil that has been sourced from fish or algae.

ZipZyme™ Paste must be stored cold - either refrigerated or frozen. Easily blend into your pet's food bowl as a moist nutrient-rich omega-3 topper or let them lick it right from the packet.

Serving Suggestions:

  • 150ML package – contains 30 packets.
  • 1 packet daily for pets up to 40lbs
  • 2 packets daily for pets 40lbs & over


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If your pet is suffering from various health conditions please consult your vet – we are always available to discuss our products with your veterinary teams.

Both our Paste formula and Krumble™ formula are naturally protected from damaging oxidation.