The revolutionary pet nutrition solution that brings you the world's FIRST AND ONLY FRESH UNEXTRACTED OMEGA-3, superior to all omega-3 oils*.

Our proprietary sustainable growth technology preserves the natural antioxidative and catalytic enzymes of our highly bioavailable phospholipid omega-3, ensuring your pet receives the unequaled nutrition.

*Based on omega-3 bioavailability, enzymatic activity, sustainability, and antioxidative properties.

Why Choose ZipZyme™?

ZipZyme™'s omega-3 promotes:DHA, the omega-3 specifically beneficial for maintaining optimal eye healthhealthy coat, softer, shinier and healthierbalanced metabolismomega 3's for cognitive and immune function


Experience the difference in your pet's cognitive and immune function. ZipZyme™ enhances your furry friend's vitality, energy, and mobility, promoting a healthier and happier life.

Unmatched Eye Health

Safeguard your pet's vision with ZipZyme™. Our formulation contains DHA, the omega-3 specifically beneficial for maintaining optimal eye health.

Balanced Metabolism

ZipZyme™ supports your pet's metabolism, to help them maintain a long and healthy life.

Healthy Coat

Give your pet a lustrous and silky coat you'll love to stroke. ZipZyme™ nourishes their fur, working to make it softer, shinier, and healthier.

Allergy Relief

Say goodbye to allergic reactions and pesky "hot spots" that bother your pet. ZipZyme™'s unique formula helps reduce allergic responses, providing much-needed relief.

ZipZyme™, a truly unique product that is...

Fresh and Unextracted


Truly Sustainable

100% Made in the USA

Discover a superior pet nutrition solution that truly makes a difference. Choose ZipZyme™ and give your pet the optimal care they deserve.

Ready to make a positive change in your pet's life?

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ZipZyme™ Paste

ZipZyme™ Paste

ZipZyme Krumble™

ZipZyme Krumble™

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