Omega 3 without any of the detrimental side effects of fish oil

ZipZyme™, a truly unique product that is...

Fresh and Unextracted


Truly Sustainable

100% Made in the USA

Discover a superior pet nutrition solution that truly makes a difference. Choose ZipZyme™ and give your pet the optimal care they deserve.

What’s in it for the retailer?

Unique sustainable product, unmatched in the marketplace

Enables retailers to meet green/enivronmental corporate goals

Best in class product - not another me too

Good margins, competitive, good penny profit

Key reasons for bringing Zipzyme to your assortment

Avoid rising fish oil pricing increases

Avoid fish oil allergies. No Heavy Metals. No Microplastics. Avoid harm caused by oxidations

Avoid fish oil instability during transit and storage (less spoilage)

Truly unique value proposition, no sku duplication here. Best in class