Frequently Asked Questions

More information about ZipZyme™
Omega and DHA products.

ZipZyme™ Paste is safe, natural, non-GMO, vegan, whole-cell marine microalgae omega-3 nutrition for your pet.  By feeding your pet ZipZyme™ daily, the omega-3 fatty acids work to protect and repair your pet’s health from the inside out.

KRUMBLE™ offers the same awesome health benefits as ZipZyme™ Paste, but in a dried format that does not require freezing or refrigeration.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for good health, to support circulation, mobility, skin and coat health as well as help reduce inflammation caused by allergies, intolerances and stressors. Omega-3 DHA in particular, is a building block for brain development and critical for optimal cognitive function.

Animals and humans rely largely on their diets to ensure these important nutrients are present in their bodies. Unfortunately, these nutrients are often lacking in modern diets.

ZipZyme™ products contain phospholipid DHA, the most bioavailable form of DHA. Once consumed it goes to work to support your pet’s health to help them stay active and vital throughout every stage of life. 

Depending on the status of your pet’s health, 90 days is often the average amount of time it takes to see improvements. A daily serving of ZipZyme™ provides an “apple a day” preventive protection to help maintain peak health.

An enzyme is a protein that causes a chemical reaction to occur in the body. 

When enzymes are exposed to high temperatures, as they are during the manufacturing of omega-3 extracted oils, they become denatured (destroyed). This leaves extracted oils highly prone to damaging oxidation, often turning them rancid and toxic to pets. 

ZipZyme™ Paste and Krumble™ are produced in a strict temperature controlled environment designed to maintain enzyme function. ZipZyme™ products preserve the omega-3 producing enzymes and the enzymes that protect omega-3s from toxic oxidation.

Extracted omega-3 oils, such as fish, krill, and algae are highly prone to oxidation, when oxidized these extracted essential fatty acids (EFA) become toxic. Once your pet consumes oxidized extracted oils, whether in liquid, powder or dried form, harmful free radicals enter their body and can penetrate and damage a variety of cell membranes. Although omega-3 oil producers add tocopherols (synthetic Vitamin E that provides little added protection) as a preservative antioxidant, once the tocopherol molecules become oxidized, they cease to protect the EFAs. 

The expiration date on extracted omega-3 oils offers protection from oxidation only as long as the package seal remains unbroken. Once the contents of the package are exposed to air, the clock starts ticking for the damaging oxidation chain reaction to begin. 

PhytoSmart’s comprehensive microalgal omega-3 nutrition is derived from whole algae cells. Our patented sterile production process preserves the algaes natural protective enzymes that are critical in mitigating oxidation by catalyzing specific chemical reactions which either directly neutralize reactive oxygen species or indirectly hinder the formation and progression of  oxidative chain reactions. Coupled with oxygen barrier packaging, ZipZyme™ provides safe, superior, bioavailable, vegan essential fatty acid nutrition for pets.

Recent studies have shown that for both humans and animals, DHA omega-3 increases the body’s basal metabolic rate so that more calories are burned at rest, as well as when moving.

ZipZyme™ is brined with sea salt to protect it against oxidation. No artificial or synthetic preservatives are used. We recommend initially serving a smaller amount for the first few days to allow your pet to adjust to the salt brine, scent and flavor. Then gradually increase to the recommended serving size.

Introducing ZipZyme™ to Your Pet:

Most animals are attracted to the smell and taste of ZipZyme™. However, if your pet seems unsure, start with a slow introduction.

Check out these tips that may help the super finicky:

  • Place a small amount on your finger or a spoon and allow your pet to smell and lick it directly from your finger or the spoon.
  • If your pet is ‘finicky’ or requires a bit of coaxing we recommend that you slowly introduce the product - you know your pets eating habits best!! 
  • If you know adding something new to your pets’ food may cause them to not eat their meal try placing a few drops on their favorite treat instead.
  • ZipZyme™ is not a medication or traditional supplement. It is a therapeutic whole food omega-3 / essential fatty acid that supports pet health. The serving size can be increased to provide a therapeutic dose of omega-3’s for those pets that require it.

    Keep reading to learn more about serving suggestions and storage recommendations.

ZipZyme™ Paste is cold shipped to maintain freshness, and should be stored frozen or refrigerated for up to two weeks prior to use. If the pouches arrive thawed, simply refreeze. This product can be served frozen, or the pouches are easily thawed within minutes by holding them in your hands, or by placing them on the counter. 

Krumble™ is shelf stable. Please store Krumble™ in a cool, dry place. Expel air and seal tightly after each use.

1. Snip a corner of the pouch to open it.
2. Dispense and mix the contents of the pouch with your pet's food or feed alone as a treat.

Suggested Use:

  • One (1) packet daily for pets up to 40lbs.
  • Two (2) packets daily for pets 40+ lbs.

The serving size can be increased to provide a therapeutic dose of omega-3s for those pets that require it.

We suggest adding Krumble™directly to your pets meal.

Suggested Use:

  • ⅛ - ¼ tsp. daily for pets up to 40 lbs. 
  • ½ tsp. daily for pets 40+ lbs.

ZipZyme™ Paste will last for 18 months frozen. The pouches can be kept refrigerated for up to 21 days.  

Krumble™ has an 18 month shelf life when unopened. Once the package has been opened please use it within one year. Expel air and tightly reseal the bag after each use.

Yes, ZipZyme™ products are vegan. The sterile production process we employ does not use any animal product or byproduct.

Yes, both ZipZyme™ Omega and Krumble™ are grown, harvested and packaged at our facility in Brunswick, Maine.

What is the nutritional composition of ZipZyme™ products?

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