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Everything you need to know BEFORE choosing an omega-3 for your pets.


PhytoSmart's breakthrough process redefines omega-3 production.

Bloomberg Network Features ZipZyme™ Omega by PhytoSmart as one of the World's Greatest New Most Innovative Companies.

Meet the ZipZyme™ Omega Team of Scientists

The technology behind ZipZyme™ Omega.

The safest and most sustainable form of omega-3.

A groundbreaking, innovative omega-3 fresh food supplement.

Our products are the safer, healthier and more sustainable alternative to every extracted omega-3 oils that has been sourced from fish, algae or plants such as ahi flower oils. Learn the difference between the types of Omega-3 products and why ZipZyme™ is changing the face of what healthy Omega-3 products should be delivering to the users.