ZipZyme™: A Game Changer in Omega 3 Nutrition

Sep 29, 2023
ZipZyme™: A Game Changer  in Omega 3 Nutrition

We’ve all heard that omega-3 fatty acids are important to maintain optimum pet health. But, did you ever wonder where these omega 3’s come from?

Many people believe that omega-3s come from ocean fish which are caught, killed and harvested for their omega-3 oil. What many people don’t realize is that fish only contain these beneficial omega-3s because they eat the various species of ocean algae that produce them.

One of these omega-3s in particular, stands out in its ability to positively impact and potentially prevent a wide variety of chronic pet health issues, Docosahexanoic acid (DHA). DHA is a necessary building block for healthy brain development and optimum cognitive function throughout your pet’s life. It strengthens immune responses and is a tool for healthy weight management. In fact, it has an important role in how many cells in a body communicate.

DHA is so important to your pet’s health that your pet is unable to achieve optimum health if this important nutrient is lacking. Animals and people do not have the ability to produce DHA internally and so it must come from the food we eat.

ZipZyme™ Omega is a “game changer” in omega-3 nutrition. This wholesome food source from marine microalgae provides a clean, highly bioavailable source of DHA. In addition, ZipZyme™ contains anti-oxidative enzymes that protect the cells from damaging oxidation that affects all extracted omega-3 oil, as well as the metabolic enzymes that the algae rely on to produce DHA.

Extracted omega-3 oil contains none of the algae’s  anti-oxidative or metabolic enzymes as they are destroyed in the oil extraction process. Therefore no extracted omega-3 oil can deliver the full array of health benefits provided by ZipZyme™. ZipZyme™ products, produced in our patented sterile growing system, in Maine, deliver the most natural, sustainable and bioavailable omega-3 nutrition directly from the source.

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