What Makes Dogs The Happiest?

what makes your dog the happiest?

Good dog owners are happy to deal with the possible difficulties associated with raising their pup, as the pros outweigh the cons dramatically. Your dog’s overall happiness is key in ensuring they are around as long as they can be and that they are well-tempered and properly behaved. Just like people, making sure your dog is happy will make others happy to be around them. There are ways to help ensure your dog is happy, ranging from the small things like having them with you when you do something you enjoy to things like group hiking to reinforce their naturally social pack behavior. 

Canine behavior specialists have identified different behaviors and actions that can promote this level of happiness between owner and pet. Dogs are fairly easy to make happy, but some of the signs we have come to associate with happiness might not always be accurate interpretations of their thoughts and behaviors. While we may assume that a wagging tail means happy and showing teeth means stay away, these both can often mean more than that as well. However, when they elicit certain responses to activities, it is safe to assume that the effects are positive. 

One of the most simple ways to ensure your dog is happy comes in two parts. One part of this method is by biologically keeping them happy, meaning proper nutrition and exercise,  in addition to simply understanding their needs or wants and letting them behave as such. Making sure that interactions between owner and dog are high quality will outweigh the sheer quantity of interactions if they are not as impressive. This ties into the secondary part – bring them with you to things you enjoy when possible. While it might not always be doable, if you bring your dog with you to things you enjoy they can generally pick up on your happiness and will experience it to some level as well. Since dogs are incredibly social, this quality time will make a massive difference to them as well.

Another known action that increases both the owner and their dog’s happiness is yoga. While many people might find this odd, yoga has been found to release oxytocin which helps owners and pets bond together. This is a low-intensity exercise that just about anyone can do, and can do in their own home. If you want to take your pup to a further location to engage in bonding activities, doing things like hiking or longer walks with them is a great option, as is helping train them to work as a therapy dog so they engage with others. This, while difficult sometimes, is incredibly beneficial for both the dog and the various individuals they may meet since it can bring both happiness – the dog in the form of feeling fulfilled or having a purpose, and the individuals by giving them something to increase their endorphins and happiness overall through socialization. 

One of the more simple methods, as partially covered before, bringing your pet with you to do things you enjoy can be all it takes to make them happy. Since dogs are such social creatures, just spending time with their owners is often all it takes for them to be happy. Taking them with you to pet-friendly locations, sharing experiences with them, and so on are all great ways of making them happier than ever. By simply being with your dog, treating them right, and making them involved in your life, you can help make their not long life full of memories and happiness.

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