The True Value of a Pet’s Skin and Coat

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The Role of Skin and Coat Health in Pet Care

As dashing, radiant, and utterly charming as they undoubtedly are, our pets can actually convey some pretty important information just through their appearances. The quality of a pet’s skin and coat bears remarkable relevance to their broader health status and well-being, reflecting the state of their internal constitution to such an extent as to help veterinarians render an evaluation or even a diagnosis.

Apart from functioning as the “first line” of defense against abrasions, bumps, and bruises, the skin and coat assume a substantial role in helping pets preserve immune system health, regulate temperature, and stay hydrated year-round. Deteriorating skin or coat integrity can permit water to escape more readily from the body, potentially exposing the pet to further complications and, at the very least, sapping them of much of their vitality. The skin also happens to provide yet another indispensable service in acting as a repository for many of the vital nutrients, including proteins, amino acids, fibers, enzymes, and various vitamins, that dictate a pet’s quality of life and overall constitution. It could be stated, then, that compromised skin health poses a threat not so much to the eyes of valued houseguests and social media followers but more so, arguably, to the happiness and well-being of the very pet that is experiencing this affliction.

While many of us, as adoring pet owners, are no stranger to the joys of seasonal shedding and may even feel that summer would not be complete without having to sweep away mounds of accumulated fur, we at PhytoSmart would like to note that the inconvenience of living among hairy beasts is nothing compared to the value in helping them maintain their skin and, thus, day-to-day health. Particularly amid the type of prolonged exposure to sunlight and wind that summer traditionally brings, tending to your pet’s skin and coat is vital to helping them maintain their quality of life and may prove critical should they ever develop any more serious health complications. Short of sequestering your pet in a well-ventilated, unfurnished room for the next two months, there are some more modest solutions you can apply to help preserve and enhance your pet’s skin. Conveniently, and not coincidentally, many of these same solutions can do a good deal for your pet’s internal health as well, namely…(you guessed it) nutrition.  

Nutrition Strikes Again

In general, the cleanliness and overall health of your pet’s skin and coat can be most substantially influenced and upheld through enriching their nutritional intake, with grooming playing only a complementary role. 

Preserving a striking, glittering sheen is all well and good when you’re looking to stop traffic on the way to the park, but concentrating too heavily on the purely aesthetic qualities of your pet’s exterior is neither pertinent to their health nor (over time) cost-effective. Although the uniquely wonderful luster exhibited by your pet’s coat may or may not be a sign of their inner brilliance and good nature, poor coat health–typified by dryness and/or flakiness–can often indicate the presence of an underlying ailment or nutritional deficiency. 

Natural Solutions

Omega-3 fatty acids represent one of the foundational components in nutrition-based coat and skin care. In addition to alleviating (or repelling) bouts of inflammation, Omega-3 nutrients reinforce the skin and–for anyone who may be interested–do indeed help pets maintain a shiny, perfectly photogenic coat. 

The breadth of nutritional enrichment presented by unprocessed DHA, the most important Omega-3 fatty acid, distinguishes it even among the most robust all-natural pet solutions and supplements. From cognition and metabolic balance to mobility and circulation, the enzymes in raw DHA attend to a remarkable range of internal health concerns, regulating and restoring wellness throughout both physical and cognitive . Fortification and restorative properties endowed by DHA also alleviate the effects (and reduce the incidence of) protracted illness, which–alongside chronic stress–is known to compromise coat appearance and texture. 

Raw DHA Nutrition…without the Hassle 

PhytoSmart’s domestically-manufactured, 100% natural ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) supplement resolves the long-standing gap between pets’ nutritional requirements and the availability of reliable, sustainably-produced DHA by delivering raw, non-GMO helpings of Omega-3 enzymes in each delectable serving. Our production process incorporates only natural ingredients, including the golden algae that sources the most bioavailable DHA yet applied to a pet product. By preserving nutritional integrity throughout each stage of cultivation and development, we are able to allot the full complement of nutrients inherent to fresh DHA in each serving of ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™).

Find the nutritional regimen that suits your pet’s unique needs and treat yourself to the convenience of a pet care solution that is accessible, dependable, and (remarkably) not impossible to use with ZipZyme™ Omega (formerly SmartZYME™) by PhytoSmart. Visit to get started risk-free.

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