Summer Activities Even a Cat Could Enjoy

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Help Your Cat Make the Most of Summer

As an expression of our deep admiration and sympathy for cat lovers everywhere, we thought we’d work up a modest helping of activities designed to entertain even the least enthusiastic of whiskered companions this summer. While we can personally attest to the capricious nature of many members of the feline community, we believe our recommendations possess sufficient breadth and offer enough points for departure to help you cater to your pet’s unique personality with only some minor adjustments here or there. If at any point the task should begin to feel like more trouble than it’s worth, just remind yourself that managing to attract and sustain a cat’s attention would almost certainly place you among the most accomplished individuals on your block…and for significantly less than the cost of earning a PhD. 

Budget Entertainment

Though cats tend to have a higher tolerance for heat than their canine compatriots, they’re sure to appreciate (if only inwardly) the opportunity to cool off every now and again. Nothing so grand as a stray ice cube can provide some brisk relief to the paws (and a momentary diversion) for cooped-up cats–just don’t forget to watch your step the next time you check in onf them. Yes, we’ll admit that’s an “activity” with a small “a”, but it’s still worth a shot!

On the Hunt

For anyone seeking a more elaborate solution, hiding treats throughout the house can get your cat up and moving without too much of a fuss; this conveniently doubles as a source of entertainment for the rest of the family as well. We would recommend hiding yourself along with the treats, but it’s probably better for the overall health of your relationship if you stick to the basics on this one. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can always take things outdoors in true scavenger hunt style. We’ll just leave that decision up to you. Whatever route you choose, you’ll know it’s all been worth it when you finally see your cat express their gratitude with an understated, perfectly inconsequential yawn and a quick trot back to bed.  

Honor Thy Tub

In keeping with the refreshing, aquatic theme that has typified so many summers, you might also consider treating your cat to a jaunt through their own private water park, which can actually be fashioned pretty easily with nothing more than a bathtub, some trays or plates, and a few buoyant toys or other cat-approved objects. Simply fill the tub with a couple inches of water, lay down one or two platforms for your cat to walk across, and position the toys in different areas of the tub. With something of a floating pawing gallery placed at their disposal, your cat should get a bit of fun out of clobbering, chasing, and then clobbering again each of the toys–all while staying fairly dry. At the very least, you will have spent an afternoon confirming your status as one of the world’s most accommodating cat lovers. Of course, you could also cut back substantially on prep time (and hassle) by picking up a “cat fountain” from your local pet supply shop, but think of all the fun you’d be denying yourself. 

Heading Out

Cats may not be quite as closely associated with summer getaways and outdoor explorations as dogs, but that’s no reason not to invite them along for the odd road trip or two. Despite their well-documented tendency for ambivalence and anxiety, even cats are liable to derive some benefit from travel, and it’s safe to say that their relaxation can go a long way toward facilitating your relaxation.

Confidence is Key

Regardless of how you choose to spend your summer days in 2021, rest assured that there is no shortage of opportunities for your cat to join in on the excitement and all at minimal cost to you. From all of us here at PhytoSmart, may you enjoy the best of luck in your endeavors, and remember to have some fun!

Don’t Forget Summer Fitness

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