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April 10, 2022


ZipZyme™ Omega – A Breakthrough Nutritional Therapeutic for Pets

As Product Popularity Grows, Pioneering Research Based on U.S. Patented Technology Earns New Federal Support

Breakthrough nutritional therapeutic ZipZyme™ Omega is great news for your pet!  Developed to overcome the Omega 3 deficiency in most modern pet diets, ZipZyme™ Omega, produced by PhytoSmart, delivers the safest source of sustainable DHA to facilitate optimal health for pets at every stage of life.

ZipZyme™ Omega is an innovator in the industry, delivering the most effective and natural DHA Omega 3 straight from the source: ocean algae.  With its U.S. patented technology, ZipZyme™ Omega has pioneered a brand-new category in the world of pet health: nutritional therapeutics. ZipZyme™ is wholesome, all natural, fresh food nutrient developed by a team of dedicated scientists and pet lovers. The transformative product is sourced and produced in the United States.

Groundbreaking research underway by ZipZyme™ and Phytosmart has now earned the support of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce.  NOAA is a federal agency that “enriches life through science.”  The agency “holds key leadership roles in shaping international ocean, fisheries, climate, space and weather policies,” according to the NOAA website, which notes that government “best serves the public interest by partnering with private sector, academic and research entities.”  

Earning a U.S. patent in April 2022, the specially designed process used to create ZipZyme™ Omega supports multiple health benefits including improved brain function and development, circulation, mobility, weight management and protection against the multitude of modern “lifestyle” illnesses caused by diets that are deficient in this essential fatty acid.

ZipZyme™ is grown and harvested in the company’s patented growing system, which preserves the algae’s active DHA producing enzymes. The unique sterile growing system technology is referred to as SPAGS (Sterile Plastic Algal Growing System).  Made in the USA, the game-changing growing system operates in the company’s contaminant-free facility in Brunswick, Maine with additional operations in Connecticut.

“Our nutritional therapeutic offers the safest and most efficient alternative to  all extracted Omega 3 oils.  We have developed a proprietary system to continuously grow and harvest a biomass that contains DHA producing enzymes that is safe, economical and contaminant free to ensure your pet’s health is protected and prolonged at every stage,” says Deena Sisitsky, co-founder and CEO of PhytoSmart, the producers of ZipZyme™.  PhytoSmart has earned approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to produce and sell ZipZyme™ to both animals and people. 

Fish oil, a popular source of DHA Omega 3, is made by extracting the oil from fish that have consumed algae which produce DHA.  ZipZyme™ is a superior alternative to fish oil because it eliminates this unsustainable process. It is also safer than fish oil, as it is grown in a sterile environment in a manner that is protected from oxidation and does not destroy the DHA-producing enzymes that only ZipZyme™ Omega offers.

The results are unmistakable, as pet owners and veterinarians have seen first-hand.  ZipZyme™ Omega puts more pep in your pet’s step, gives them a sleeker, shinier coat, and sustains robust health and vitality throughout their lives.

Up-to-date product information is provided at  Free shipping with online orders is now available. For the latest news of new breakthrough products expected to reach the marketplace later this year, subscribe for ZipZyme™  news updates at

To best reflect its core mission, the motto of ZipZyme™ Omega is “Promoting Pet Vitality.”  The product name, ZipZyme™ Omega, was inspired by a customer’s testimonial which enthusiastically explained that their pet’s energy and health was transformed by the nutritional therapeutic. The customer shared that after feeding their dog the innovative new product, their pet was back to  “zipping” around the yard, and the spring in their step was restored.

ZipZyme™ Omega can be used proactively as part of a healthy balanced diet – before symptoms start – to prevent future illness and often painful health conditions. Testimonials featured on the company website share real stories of their pet’s improved health since introducing the nutritional therapeutic into their pet’s diet.  Among them:

“My dog Max wouldn’t even get off the couch. Now he meets me at the door and wants to go hiking again. It’s like I got my best buddy back! ZipZyme™ Omega has truly changed our lives for the better!” says ZipZyme™ customer, Jess, of North Carolina.

Each package of ZipZyme™ Omega contains a 30-day supply and is packaged with technology developed by NASA to ensure freshness and protect it from the damaging and harmful oxidization that plagues all extracted Omega 3 oil products. ZipZyme™ Omega received the LUXlife 2021 Pet Product and Services Award as the Most Disruptive Pet Nutrition Product (USA), Corporate America Today Annual Award in 2022, and 2022 Global 100 Winner for Most Innovative Pet Nutrition Product.

ZipZyme™ Omega provides Omega 3 DHA for dogs, cats and in fact, all animals, and was created to transform pet lives, keeping them active and vital throughout their lifetime.  It does so due to the activity of the algae’s metabolic enzymes – that only ZipZyme™ safeguards and which work to convert glucose into healthy DHA-laden fats. These good fats have proven to support a rebalanced metabolism and increase cognitive function. It is the only pet Omega 3 nutrient that preserves the activity of the algae’s metabolic enzymes, bringing out the best in your pet.

A daily serving of ZipZyme™ Omega, added to your pet’s diet, is the safest and easiest way to provide your pet the critically missing nutrient for optimum health. Additional information and purchase options can be found at

Dr. Jeff Feinman, world-renowned holistic veterinarian and founder of Holistic Actions!, has experienced drastic improvements in pet-health and well-being for animals fed ZipZyme™ Omega. Beyond alleviating minor health symptoms in pets, he has seenm ZipZyme™ make life-altering improvements, including improvements in certain metabolically-rooted cancers.

Dr. Feinman points out that ZipZyme™ will “improve balance” in a pet’s metabolism, so that current symptoms can be alleviated, and behavior, energy, appetite and mood can be improved. ZipZyme™ customers report that the change in their pets is unmistakable.

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