How Highly-Processed Food Affects The Body

Learn how highly processed foods can negatively affect the body and the mind

At this point in time, many people know that eating highly processed foods is not a good idea. Regardless of how cheap or easy these foods are, processed foods high in sugar, fat, cholesterol, and so on can increase the risk of poor heart health, colorectal cancer, and death when not treated properly. Unfortunately, these foods tend to be available at every corner since they are cheap to make and sell from grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and so on. Is it worth saving a few minutes by getting highly processed foods for you and your pet when you know the health risks associated with them?

How Big An Impact Does Highly Processed Food Make?

Recent studies have shown that physical health takes a major hit when a diet of highly processed foods is the most common food and can increase the likelihood of developing colorectal cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. In humans, these issues are evident in the average death rate is 19% higher for those with poor diet and makes people 32% more likely to die of a heart-related illness than those with a healthy diet with heart diseases. The same is true for pets, with these foods decreasing heart health and overall wellness in them as well. The buildup in bad cholesterol and unhealthy fats results in a low and unbalanced metabolism and, since many of these foods are low in vitamins and minerals, the body can’t fight off these illnesses. 

Highly processed foods are not healthy in high amounts, regardless of whether it is in a human or otherwise, but often people will insist that they feed their pets better than themselves. Pet food is often assumed to be more healthy than most human food thanks to how companies advertise, however, many pet foods are full of unhealthy fillers, such as in dog kibble, and other bad ingredients that hinder your dog or cat’s full potential. These fillers are not normally as bad for their health as constantly eating McDonalds or some other fast food chain is for people, but just like for people there is always a healthier alternative. For instance, organic diets for both pets and humans can fully remove the processed aspects and benefit in long-term health such as improved mental acuity, joint health, bone health, improved vision, and more. 

The Benefits Of A Healthy Diet In Your Pet

Healthy pet food benefits both parties especially when pets enjoy it. The healthier the pet, the more they will want to play or get exercise which means the owner will need to be involved too. Same goes for when the human is healthy. This relationship helps both the owner and the pet live happy and healthy lives. We already know that a healthy lifestyle has its benefits, but often we don’t think about how it affects our pets and how their health affects us. When you want to ensure your pet’s vitality, adding ZipZyme™ Omega to their daily diet will make sure they stay healthy. Whether your pet is more lethargic and unwell or is enthusiastic and vibrant, healthy and all-natural food like ZipZyme™ Omega is the perfect addition to their daily diet. Equally helpful for dogs and cats who feel under the weather and for ones that are in their prime to keep tiptop, the DHA omega 3 in ZipZyme™ provides all the traditional benefits of found in extracted Omega 3 oils including improvement to cognition, joint health, vision, and immunity, but ZipZyme™ goes beyond what any Omega 3 oil can match.  By preserving the algae’s special enzymes, ZipZyme™ helps support a healthy balanced metabolism –  all of which will benefit you and your pet.

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