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ZipZyme™ Omega is safe, natural, non-GMO, vegan, whole-cell marine micro-algae DHA nutrition for your pet.  By feeding your pet ZipZyme™daily, the DHA Omega-3 fatty acids work to protect and repair your pet’s health from the inside out.

KRUMBLE™ offers the same awesome health benefits as original ZipZyme™, but in a dried flaked format that does not require freezing or refrigeration.

An enzyme is a protein that causes a chemical reaction to occur in the body.   When enzymes are exposed to high temperatures, as they are during the manufacturing of Omega 3 extracted oils, they become denatured (inactive) and ineffective. All fish oil extractors use heat in their manufacturing processes.

The heat that fish oil extractors use strips away the special enzymes that are needed to produce Omega 3 fatty acids.  ZipZyme™ products preserve the algae’s enzymes by producing our products in a strict temperature controlled environment designed to maintain enzyme function.

ZipZyme™ products support the rebalancing of impaired metabolisms that can lead to illnesses such as Diabetes, Cushing’s Syndrome, Obesity, etc. that affect so many pets and people.

DHA is the most important Omega 3 fatty acid. It is a necessary building block for brain development and critical for optimal cognitive functioning throughout life. In addition to brain health, DHA may improve circulation, mobility, skin and coat while reducing inflammation and many allergic conditions. Animals and humans rely largely on their diets to ensure this important nutrient is present in their bodies, but DHA is lacking from most of the modern diets of pets and people.

DHA Omega 3 has a significant antioxidant capacity to neutralize the oxygen radicals that are believed to be the cause of inflammation, irritation, itch and pain present in many skin, mobility and other health conditions that our pets encounter.  Every infant formula is supplemented with DHA because it is critical to brain development and cognitive functioning throughout every stage of life. Due to its extremely low freezing point, DHA helps to keep cellular membrane systems fluid and flexible. We think of it as “Nature’s Antifreeze”.

Recent studies have shown that for both humans and animals, DHA Omega 3 increases the body’s basal metabolic rate so that more calories are burned at rest, as well as when moving. Metabolic enzymes, such as those contained in ZipZyme™ Omega and KRUMBLE™, work increase the amount of unsaturated “good” fats (DHA) in the body.

ZipZyme™ and our newly introduced KRUMBLE™ are unique among all DHA Omega 3 products because they are fresh, whole cell food, not extracted like fish oil that is processed, over concentrated, and rendered extremely susceptible to damaging oxidation. Because ZipZyme™ products contain the same form of DHA that is already found in the body, once consumed it goes to work immediately to help improve your pet’s health. ZipZyme™’s DHA has many benefits improving  mobility, circulation, cognition, and reducing inflammation and allergic conditions. It helps our pets stay active and vital throughout every stage of life. And only ZipZyme™ provides unique DHA producing enzymes.

• What health benefits might I see in my pet?

Depending on the status of your pet’s health, 90 days is often more than enough time to witness dramatic improvements in your pet. Our experience is that the more impaired the animal, the sooner you may notice such improvement.  And for healthier animals, a daily serving of ZipZyme™ provides an “apple a day” preventive protection to help maintain peak health. We feed  a full serving of ZipZyme™ Omega   daily to our pets to help them enjoy their health and vitality.

Original ZipZyme™ Omega is cold shipped to your door to maintain freshness. The pouches of ZipZyme™ Omega that you received should have arrived frozen, but if they have thawed in transit, it’s OK. Simply refreeze them; thawing and refreezing will not damage the special enzymes in ZipZyme™ as long as they are not exposed to temperatures above 115°F. That is also why we package servings of  ZipZyme™ Omega in oxygen barrier pouches. To thaw, either warm it in your hands for a few moments or immerse it in warm water (up to 115ºF so as not to deactivate the enzymes). Freeze the pouches that you will not use at first and refrigerate the pouches that you  us plan to use initially. Handle ZipZyme™ as you would any fresh product. Please refer to our video to see how easy it is to use ZipZyme™ Omega to exponentially improve your pet’s health.

Our newly introduced KRUMBLE™ offers the same great health benefits as original ZipZyme™, but does not require freezing or refrigeration. Simply add a daily serving of KRUMBLE™ to your pet’s usual food, or as a treat, and you’ll soon see the benefits ZipZyme™ delivers.

After removing a pouch from the freezer (you can easily thaw it by holding it in your hands for a few moments) or refrigerator, gently massage the packet to mix the contents.

Snip a corner of the pouch to open it and simply dispense the contents of the pouch onto your pet’s favorite wet or dry food, and if you wish, mix the food and ZipZyme™ Omega together. Then serve.


We suggest serving KRUMBLE™ to your pet by adding one or two grams daily to your pet’s meal or as a treat.

Most animals crave the smell and taste of ZipZyme™, but if your pet is unsure of how to approach something new, sometimes letting them sniff and nibble it directly from your finger may help.


You cannot “overdose” on ZipZyme™ because ZipZyme™ products are not a medicine, nor a supplement, in the traditional sense. ZipZyme™ products are a much needed therapeutic nutrient (natural nutritionally value added functional food) that helps to repair, maintain and promote pet health from the inside out.

We suggest:

For first time users

We brine original ZipZyme™ with sea salt to preserve it so that no artificial or synthetic preservatives are needed or used. We recommend serving a smaller amount for the first few days and gradually increase to the full serving size of ZipZyme™ to give your pet time to adjust to the salt that we use. Even though brining is not required for KRUMBLE™ , we suggest you follow the same gradual increase in serving size until the full daily suggested serving is reached.

Likewise, if your pet is experiencing a health issue or flare up that might benefit from ZipZyme™ or KRUMBLE™ , you may consider increasing the daily serving amount until the condition improves.

ZipZyme™ products shelf life exceeds one year. Original ZipZyme™ will last for over a year frozen. However, once it is in the refrigerator and ready for use, please feed it to your pet within one (1) month. Think of ZipZyme™ as an item of fresh produce.

KRUMBLE™ is packaged in oxygen barrier resealable bags. Remember to keep the bag closed when not in use to keep it fresh.

Yes, both original ZipZyme™ and our newly introduced KRUMBLE™ are vegan.  The sterile production process we employ does not use any animal product or byproduct. ZipZyme™ products contain marine microalgae, sea salt (used for brining original ZipZyme™), natural flavorings, and vitamin C (to maintain its freshness). 

Yes, both ZipZyme™ Omega and KRUMBLE™ are grown, harvested and packaged at our facility in Brunswick, Maine.  Our patented growing technology is designed to maintain the sterility of the products at every step. 

Fish oil is prone to oxidation, and oxidized Omega 3 can become toxic. Once your pet consumes fish oil that has oxidized, potentially damaging free radicals can enter their body and penetrate a variety of cell membranes to harm your pet’s health. Although Omega 3 oil producers add Tocopherols (synthetic Vitamin E) as an antioxidant to preserve the extracted oil, once the tocopherol molecules become oxidized (merely by being exposed to the air), they cease to protect the essential fatty acids. 

The expiration date on extracted Omega 3 oil offers protection from damaging oxidation only as long as the package seal remains unbroken. Once the contents of the package are exposed to the air, the clock starts ticking for the damaging oxidation chain reaction to begin. That is why we safeguard ZipZyme™ products from oxidation and provide them in oxygen barrier packaging.

Nutritional Information





Vitamin C


ZipZyme™ Omega

      mg/gram 23.6 82.6 19 10 9.2
      mg/serving 118 413 95 50 46


      mg/gram (1mg= small animal serving) 47 202 15 25 35
      mg/gram(2mg= large animal serving) 94 404 30 50 70
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