Dealing With Your Pet’s Joint Pain

an older cat relaxing

As bodies age, they might have fewer things they can do. Unfortunately this is a feeling many of us know way too well. However, this does not just affect us as people but animals, too. Animals can suffer from the same types of physical ailments that our bodies may face and since they cannot express themselves as easily it can be all the more frustrating for them. Issues like arthritis and other joint issues are fairly common across both humans and animals of every sort. When our pets begin to suffer from these issues, however, we feel like we should do everything possible to ensure they still live their lives comfortably. 

When our pets begin to suffer from conditions such as arthritis, one of the easiest steps to making them as comfortable as they were prior is to simply adjust their favorite spots to relax closer to the ground. This allows them to exert themselves less and reduces the risk of further injury. This includes possibly moving their bed closer to the ground if it is up high. Another method is to add objects like steps, ramps, and other tools around your home to make couches and chairs more accessible.These little changes, while minute for you, can make a world of difference for your pet as they adjust to their limited mobility and new physical limits.

There are also some natural remedies that will help your arthritic pet as they age. One such method is simply by making sure they maintain a healthy weight, keeping extra weight off of their body and improving their mobility at the same time. This is an incredibly effective method of joint maintenance, and while it may not be possible in every situation, it is proven to work at reducing various health issues in addition to arthritis. Another method of fighting the effects of arthritis includes supplements such as ZipZyme™ Omega and other omega 3 supplements. Other supplements such as glucosamine and outside treatments might be beneficial as well when attempting to treat your pet’s arthritis as it is with people like ourselves. 

Unfortunately, these supplements and all the changes to the environment only mitigate or ease how tough it can be on some pets. Just like in people, there are not always things that work as a cure-all for situations like this. These will definitely make the aging process on their bodies more manageable, but like in people, your pet’s aging process is always something that must be faced. The best way to treat it is with love and care because they are part of your life and your family, so love and care is the best to provide in addition to everything else.

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