How To Help Your Dog’s Joints

How To Help Your Dog’s Joints

Mar 28, 2023Howard Hecht

Just like with people, your pets can suffer from things like joint and bone pains. Unlike people, pets are very good at hiding their discomfort to the extremes of even forcing themselves to not wince on impact. However, there are of course signs to notice in their movements and behavior that might help you recognize an underlying problem. Slower standing, hesitation walking, changes in how far they can comfortably walk, or other similar factors are obvious signs that something is wrong. When this happens, taking them in for serious treatment might not always be necessary and often can be helped by supplements for improved joint health and bone health.

One of the causes for this is just the side effects of aging. Like in humans, over time the cartilage in their bodies degrades and this causes their bones to rub uncomfortably close to each other which can cause inflammation and serious pain. This, known regularly as arthritis, is fairly common in larger dogs that carry more weight than others, such as breeds like Golden Retrievers, Newfoundlands, German Shepherds, and other larger breeds. These dogs, thankfully, can be helped through natural substances.

One of the most important health supplements you can give your dog is glucosamine. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring chemical that helps with maintaining connective tissue, meaning muscle, cartilage, and other connective membranes. Glucosamine is used in humans to treat joint health issues as well, and has been more than effective for both humans and other animals. Not only does adding glucosamine fight arthritis and osteoarthritis, but works to combat joint issues like stiffness and pain which can also cause sluggishness. Since glucosamine supplements can be given as a liquid, it is also easy to give to your pets as something mixed into their food or as a standalone supplement.  

An additional supplement that can help improve joint health is any Omega 3 fatty acid product, such as ZipZyme™ Omega or ZipZyme™ Krumble which both provide the highest concentrated amount of Omega 3s per serving. Reviews from customers have shown that dogs who regularly eat ZipZyme™ in their diets have improved joint health over their experiences prior to beginning their diet with it. This supplement to their diets allows for yet another all-natural product to be offered for your pet that yields great results in their joint health in addition to their skin, vision, and cognition improving.

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