Foods Your Dog Can’t Eat

Foods Your Dog Can’t Eat

Mar 28, 2023Howard Hecht

We know that when dogs give us those puppy dog eyes it is hard to resist giving them an extra treat. Dogs (and sometimes cats) will beg for food from the table or from their owner’s hands when they smell any food they want. Pets often want to try new foods, regardless of if they can realistically ingest it without harm. In order to properly give your pet a snack every now and then, it is incredibly important to know what foods are safe, which are safe in small amounts, and which are completely off limits. 

There are many foods humans eat that are not only edible for dogs, but also beneficial for their health. Some of these may have been seen as dangerous in the past just by association, but berries like blackberries and blueberries are now recognized as incredibly healthy for dogs – especially for the antioxidant content. There are some that are well known to be edible, such as carrots, which help with eyesight and also are great sources of nutrition. Eggs and peanut butter are also well-known to be healthy for dogs and provide vital nutrition that they might not always get from their food. Salmon and other fish are also very good for them – providing Omega 3 fatty acids in addition to a high protein content. Fruit like apples are also good for them and so are snacks like popcorn (without oils or excess salt).

There are some snacks that are acceptable or not harmful for dogs as well, but the amount given determines the exact level of acceptability for their diets. This consists more of foods like cheese, certain nuts, and more. Cheese, while a favorite of dogs, is high in fats and lactose content. Many dogs might suffer from diarrhea or other digestive problems if they eat too much. For nuts like cashews, dogs are subject to weight gain since they are so high in calories, while nuts like almonds have a harder time digesting which could lead to vomiting. One more food like this is tomatoes, which should only be given in limited amounts and only from ripe tomatoes. Tomatoes can cause muscle weakness, nausea, a harder time breathing, and even abnormal heart beats.

There are some foods that owners may not know are dangerous for their pups, so knowing what foods are potentially deadly is important. While we all know about chocolate and other similar foods, foods like onion, garlic, and more are also incredibly dangerous. One dangerous food that you should avoid is garlic. While very good for us, garlic can cause anemia in our dogs thanks to chemicals called thiosulfates. Related, onions are to be avoided for dogs too since they carry N-propyl disulfide. This causes anemia as well so it is best to avoid to help keep your dog as healthy as possible. 

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