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A cute puppy beginning potty training

Puppy Must-Haves

When adopting a new puppy into the family, it can be an incredibly fun and exciting time. Fluffy, soft, excitable, and loving, puppies are some of the best pets to play with, and the rewarding nature of helping them grow with you is very much like raising a child for some people too. However, just …

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a cute puppy

What Do Puppies Need?

When you first get a new puppy, you of course are going to want to spoil them with treats to celebrate their achievements. These extra treats, scraps of human food, and so on might seem like treats for them, but could have adverse effects on their health as they mature. While breed does matter for …

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catnip and cats

Catnip & Mosquitoes

Any cat owner knows the basics behind catnip – it helps relieve your cat’s stress and relax more, and puts them in a state of euphoria similar to the effects of drugs like marijuana does to humans. Both house cats and big cats in nature have been known to enjoy ingesting and rubbing themselves on …

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cat with ice cream

Can Cats Eat Ice Cream?

Online, there are many videos of pets eating foods made for human consumption, and while some may be funny or cute to watch, there are some serious health side effects to these foods in both dogs and cats. However, there are some foods and drinks that seem to be perpetuated as normal for cats in …

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Two dogs cuddle together

Brain Health & Diet

It is well known that a proper diet is necessary in order to maintain a long life and good mental ability. However, as studies continue to show, there are more and more hidden benefits to eating a healthy diet devoid of highly processed foods and greasy or fatty foods. Most western cultures use a lot …

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